Bohemia Euphoria

Designing a new streaming video service

User Experience Strategy & Design

Bohemia Euphoria is a film streaming platform and integrated social community, dedicated to amplifying the voices and stories of under-represented people.

At the very heart of Bohemia Euphoria is the community dedicated to sharing diverse stories through dynamic filmmaking. The new platform takes this community online bringing together the work of Bohemia’s physical theatre at The Apple Tree, London and the films of Bohemia Media.

Bohemia Euphoria

The Story

We were approached by a project manager working on a new product for her client. The product became Bohemia Euphoria a new film & livestream platform with an integrated social community dedicated to amplifying the voices & stories of under-represented people. The project requirements were for us to:

  • Consult on setting realistic project goals
  • Carry out user research including creating User Personas
  • Heuristic Assessments of similar online platforms to learn best practices etc.
  • Providing recommendations from User Research and Heuristic Assessments
  • Design Initial concepts for site layout and pathways
  • Design individual template designs (with a number of iterations from feedback)

The Results

To achieve the goals of this project our work involved creating a full set of User Personas. We used these personas to highlight the needs our various users of the platform would have. This allowed us to map these needs onto the pain and gain charts of a value proposition canvas.

Taking the results of the Value Proposition Canvas we were able to highlight the functionality required of the platform. This was then used to create pathways through the site which helped us arrive at a working sitemap. From the sitemap, we identified the templates needed and followed this up by creating wireframes of all the templates needed.

The sitemap and the wireframes then went to the graphic designer and developer to build the platform.