Liverpool Comedy Improv

Designing a new identity for Liverpool Comedy Improv

Branding Design & Content Strategy

Liverpool Comedy Improv was set up in 2015 to offer Improvisation drop-in sessions, courses and workshops in Liverpool. Improvisation offers a performance art that many people can enjoy as a pastime just for fun or pursue as a discipline through to more advanced levels.

Liverpool Comedy Improv

The Story

Our good friend Emma Bird is the founder of Liverpool Comedy Improv. She has also been our founder’s Improv teacher for over 5 years. Due to the Covid pandemic, Improv lessons were no longer able to be delivered in person. This meant that Liverpool Comedy Improv (LCI) needed to have a stronger brand to establish itself online.

We worked on some ideas for a stronger brand and placed them in front of Emma. Emma chose to go with a colourful logo that helped to showcase LCI’s sense of place in Liverpool but was strong enough to use online internationally.

Mart is brilliant to work with. He listened so well to everything I needed for my e-commerce website. He has an eye on detail and is meticulous in getting the functionality just right. As for design - he’s an exceptional designer. The site design is exactly right. Bold and colourful, just as I’d wanted. Mart goes above and beyond for his clients, and is generous with his time and skills. He got the whole site up and running to deadline. I’d highly recommend!
Emma Bird, Director, Liverpool Comedy Improv

The Results

We have helped Emma create a site on Wix, we don’t only work with WordPress, we also help clients use other platforms such as Wix, Squarespace and Magento. We helped Emma with her strategy for her site along with providing a site archtecture and page templates.

The branding has also lead to a line of merchandise to help build LCI’s profile and provide another income stream.