Marc Hogan

Creating an identity for a model speaker, trainer and coach

Branding, design and development

Marc Hogan is a well-known business speaker and a long-term client with whom we have worked for almost 20 years in some form. He speaks well about facing challenges and has a great story to tell about how he rose to the challenge of taking his one-man, one-hour show to the Edinburgh Fringe for a month-long run all to win a bet for a pound.

Marc had asked us to help him develop his branding and offer a strong brand mark to help him leave a great professional impression on his audience.

Marc Hogan

The Story

Over the last two decades, we have worked with Marc to supply design and development for his professional website and his blog that helped him document the story of his stand-up comedy journey in taking his professional skills to the stage in Edinburgh.

Marc’s career is pushing on and he can now count household and multinational brands as his clients. This lead Marc to approach us to provide a strong brand for Marc’s next chapter within his career.

The new brandmark has spearheaded a new site that we have helped Marc create in Wix by offering our guidance and thoughts on the design and layout.

Mart is an excellent digital and website designer, I have often hired him over many years to design various projects and he has always come up with interesting and exciting ideas. Highly recommended!
Marc Hogan | International Corporate Speaker, Coach & Trainer

The Results

After some preliminary work and a few iterations, we have created a strong brandmark for Marc using negative space to provide a slight trompe l’oeil. This use of negative space hints at the way Marc’s training and talks helps his clients fill in the gaps in their own knowledge or skills and make connections that they could not see previously. We purposely removed the space between the first name and last name in order to help the brandmark feel consolidated as one unique mark, we still differentiate the two names by using a differing weight for each one. This all helps the mark feel more of a brand than just Marc’s full name.

Marc Hogan Brandmark