Getting Morvélo riding along

Design & Development, User Experience Design

We worked with Morvélo for 8 years from almost the start of the brand until 2018. We are still on good terms so don’t worry, we didn’t fall out, Morvélo simply grew to a point of needing a full-time specialist Magento agency and our focus is on WordPress as a solution.

  • Design work
  • Magento ecommerce website development
  • Custom theme development
  • WordPress website development
  • SEO
  • Consultancy
Morvélo Cycling Apparel

The Story

We have worked with Morvélo since the inception of the brand in 2009, we even shared an office in Brighton before our move to the North West. We contributed online design, development and strategy skills and knowledge to their growth. Over the years we have refreshed their site and added new features along with the creation of other online material to aid the brand development.

Since the inception of the brand, it has built up to achieve an international customer base with customers from the UK, USA, Australia, France, Spain, Singapore and many other countries around the world.

Morvélo is a rare beast these days by being independently owned and self-financed and over the course of it’s development I’ve covered all roles from Design, Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Strategic Planning, Finance and Web Development with Morvélo growing from £500 to a £ 1.5million business entirely under our own steam.

Oli Pepper, Founder at Morvélo

Even though we no longer work with Morvélo we are still in touch with Oli and Dave and love seeing the projects they are working on. Keep an eye out for their latest designs.