Innovation from a world of play

Branding, Design, Development & Content Strategy

Our sister agency brings new insights, ideas and strategies to organisations through the power of play. We helped create the brand by:

  • Developing the brand character
  • Designing for print and online
  • WordPress development
  • Bespoke theme development
  • WordPress and JQuery plugin development
  • Hosting and Maintenance

The Story

Our founder has worked for a while facilitating workshops for organisations using play and games to enhance their innovation, collaboration, problem solving and strategies. This powerful set of tools unlock creativity making it the new superpower for teams or entire organisations. The brand needed to reflect this sense of fun and project an eye-catching memorable aesthetic.

Laurence McCahill from Happy Startups said “very creative and credible. And memorable.”

Matthew Bellringer from MeaningBit said, “I love the playfulness and the clean feel of everything.”

We are very pleased with this site and the fun feel we have managed to create to reflect MundoNovus’s values.

The Results

MundoNovus is still a side project at the moment but we feel that this may become a useful part of both our work and the work of other businesses. We use a lot of the techniques we have created under MundoNovus to help in our Design and Development work especially with running design workshops with our clients. Using these techniques we can go deeper with our clients to fully understand their needs.