Starting your business

Starting Up

Starting a new business can be stressful, worrying, fun, exciting and covered by many other adjectives. We love to help people starting out on new businesses or projects. We have helped many startups over time with advice and using our skillsets to help build their success.

This includes:

  • Helping Morvélo Cycling Apparel grow from a small t-shirt design business side project for our friends to being the brand of choice in Cycling Weekly
  • Helping the Gig Buddies project go from the initial idea, shared in a Brighton pub to a multinational succesful project reaching the other side of the planet
  • Helping develop a platform for our friends at Seekers Games in order to grow their initial product and find the market for it, they have now gone on to win a number of toy awards
Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.
Guy Kawasaki

What We Do

In order to aid you in starting your business, we have written a few guides to explain some of the things you will need to get to know about dealing with the world of websites. If you have any questions or need guidance then don’t hesitate to contact us and we will find ways to help you.

These links will take you to our guides on the following: