Managing your website

The importance of keeping your site updated

An often overlooked part of any business is the management of the organisation’s website. Many businesses I come across treat their website with a “set it and forget it” attitude. In fact, I am certain that there are three distinct attitudes that prevail amongst organisations towards managing their website.

  1. The “set it and forget it” attitude. This is a common attitude to take towards websites from many organisations. The need to have a website is established but the need to manage it and update both the content and the technologies are not. This group are missing out on the largest benefits of their website and in some cases may well be harming their own business goals by not updating their site.
  2. The second group are those that understand the need to update the content of the site and add new content as often as possible. The advantages of fresh content are understood as it helps with the marketing efforts that involve the website and the effects can be seen directly in the analytics data available. This can directly show value to the fresh content and even show a monetary value on the returns offered for the investment of time and money creating that content.
  3. The third group are those that understand the need to update both the content, in order to publish fresh content, and the technologies of the site. Technical maintenance of the site can be achieved in a number of ways including a basic update of the site each month all the way to full technical maintenance giving the site an overhaul to improve speed and optimise the site technically.

It is important to get a strategy in place with your web agency in order to manage your website. This might involve any or all of the following:

  • A monthly maintenance package – for more information see our maintenance packages available here.
  • A monthly reporting on any elements from the security, speed and marketing data available.
  • A monthly content agreement to create and publish content for you. See here for the importance of good content marketing.

Come and discuss how Mart Gordon can help you with managing your website today, we’re here to help.

By: Martin Gordon

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